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Office Cleaning Services Manchester

Tailored Contract Cleaning for a quality, reliable and value for money service!

Tailored Contract Cleaning

Office Cleaning Services Manchester

Tailored Contract Cleaning provides a complete cleaning service.

We can provide a cleaning service to any office across the North West. Our services will be tailored to your requirements and budget. Some clients provide their own cleaning equipment and materials, we prefer to use our own. The materials and equipment we use are designed to minimise any impact on the health of our cleaners and the environment. We also produce our own cleaning and sanitising fluid which is 99.999% effective, it is safe to use and can be disposed of easily.

Having been a client of cleaning contractors for many years Jackie Gilluley knows how important it is for a cleaner not to cut corners. There is nothing worse than sitting down to a meeting to find cup marks or smears on a table, to run a finger across the top of your computer screen and find it full of dust or to still see that paperclip next to your radiator a week later.

The job of our Cleaning Supervisors/Managers is to make sure our cleaners have the materials they need to do their work properly, to carry out regular audits on the standard of work to make sure we are doing a thorough job and to work alongside the cleaner when needed. As well as auditing the standard of cleaning we also assess the cleaners working practices to make sure they are working safely and efficiently.

Office Cleaning Services Manchester

Office Cleaning Manchester

Our cleaners are given a detailed cleaning schedule that they must follow. The schedules are a key communication document for all parties:

  • A cleaner will use it to record what duties they have completed and when as well as any issues i.e. no access to an area, equipment goes missing or any events that have happened especially if this has stopped them from completing their tasks.
  • A supervisor/manager will use the schedule to update themselves on whats been happening on site and to support the verbal conversations they have had, they will use the recorded information when carrying out an audit i.e. if a cleaner ticks to say they dusted skirtings, cills, etc on Monday but there is clear evidence that this hasn’t been done then it will form part of a personal improvement programme that we will create for the cleaner and their performance will be managed accordingly.
  • A client can use the schedule to check what the agreed cleaning duties are and their frequency, to see if there was a reason why something hasn’t been done or if there have been any recorded issues

We provide regular training for our employees on a wide range of subjects such as Covid 19 Awareness, Health & Safety, Tool box talks, Safe Guarding, etc.

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Tailored Contract Cleaning for a quality, reliable and value for money service!

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